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After the long winter months indoors, the closed shops and cafes, its great to be out in the spring sunshine, And one thing we're grateful for is long family walks and ice cream treats.

How many of your favorite cafes or restaurants have you visited over the last week or so?

Those little family businesses are as pleased to see you as you are to see them.

But how many other local businesses are behind those small businesses?

At Abbey Mill we focus on all things handmade and local to us and that includes our ice-

cream supplied by @Englishlakesicecream. And over the last 12 months or so they are certainly knocking out some superb new flavors, we may have to look at a bigger ice cream freezer to fit them all in as we are finding ourselves with too many decisions of which ones to stock.

It's great to see English lakes collaborating with yet another local lakes district business which is @KendalMintcake. Our Kendal mint cake ice-cream tastes truly delicious, just like that world famous minty energy bar you pop in your rucksack while out walking in the lakes. Its available at Abbey mill in a range of cones, tub or even a milkshake. beautiful on a warm summer day.

But will it be as popular as the long standing favorite which is Thunder & lightening? time will tell. So that's 3 great local businesses in your ice-cream cone this weekend-Abbey Mill Coffee shop, Kendal mint cake and the delicious English lakes ice-cream.

So please remember when you visit a local business, you're not only supporting them but you're supporting their suppliers too, and they are ever so grateful you are there to help them after such a difficult year.

By the way what did you think of the Made in Britain program this week? did you spot the Kendal mintcake factory on the show?

And thank you all for your continued support for our small businesses drop us a line and let us know what you think of our new flavor, we love your feedback

Abbey Mill x

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