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Traditional Easter Sunday Brunch.

Easter Sunday brunch.

A traditional breakfast on Easter Sunday is home made pache eggs. The name pache is said to of been derived from Pâques, the french word for Easter. pache eggs are traditionally taken to a hill and rolled by families in a game of Easter Sunday fun.

Pache eggs are rolled from the top of the hill, and the one that reaches the bottom first without cracking is the winner.

Pache eggs are traditionally made as an Easter Sunday breakfast, the decorative patterned eggs are arranged in a basket to decorate the centre of the Easter table and served with bread and butter and enjoyed as a family gathering.

To make pache eggs, wrap string or elastic bands around the egg to make a pattern, wild flowers like dandelions can also be added to this and pressed firmly against the egg and tied. Wrap the eggs loosely in white or read onion skins and wrap each egg in tin foil. Boil for 8-10 minutes, cool and unwrap. Rub the eggs with butter to make them shine. Arrange in a basket and lay on the Easter table. Traditionally a pache egg was also given to each person who visited the house on Easter Sunday, before the addition of the chocolate egg. Happy Easter and enjoy your Easter celebrations, if you are celebrating outdoors this year, please take your waste home and leave our beautiful countryside clean and today . X

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