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The simple pleasures in life.

Seeking out the simple pleasures in life, you know the ones, a good book that we cant put down, great coffee, sweet treets, a walk with friends, sunsets.....

We're often lead to believe that the only things worth celebrating in life are major events-the ones that weve had to sacrifice and work hard for. However, an average persons life is made up of far more days when nothing out of the ordinary occurs.

We must begin to count our blessings and take pleasure in the simple things in life.

Focusing on the simple things in life our staff and customers love at Abbey Mill, we know you love a good afternoon tea. Thats why we created our afternoon tea gift boxes of fresh produce to collect.

So we've been thinking long and hard about you guys who can't visit Abbey Mill for any reason. The ones who cant travel, the ones who like their own company, the ones who live away and cant visit in the near future.

The winter of 2023 is time lo create our Artisan coffee shop subscription box. and you're just going to love our monthly contents.

Who is this box for?

  1. Those who love coffee of course?

  2. Those who love, love, love, coffee shop sweet treats.

  3. Those who love a good coffee shop read.

  4. Those who love suprises.

  5. Those who love a letterbox delivery

  6. The one who loves to give or recieve a gift.

  7. Those who love sustainable packaging.

  8. Those who love flexible subscription plans.

We decided to do a survey before we launch our new box, and we are loving the replies. We're suprised at the fact the answers to the questions are coming in with very clear results but we'd love just a few more.

So if you are interested in finding out more about signing up for our Artisan coffee shop subscription box please fill in and subit our survey from this link.

soon at Abbey Mill.

We apreciate the support from each and every one of you, and don't forget, enjoy the simple pleasures in life every day, don't wait for the occasion. x

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