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Just a little story from last week…

We were given this photo years ago from a local family. It is the custodian of Furness abbey and his family who lived at Custodian cottage ( Abbey Mill coffee shop) around 1890-1900. The photo is of the Poole family was taken outside custodian cottage .

Today we found out a little more about the family photo. While great great grandad was working at Furness Abbey, the memories of great grandma playing in the river with the chickens while great great grandma served cream teas on the Lawn to passers by. That was possibly 130 years ago. We are still serving cream teas on the lawn today, and on National cream tea day 2023, but we wonder how cream teas would be made back then.

Thanks to the lady who told us her custodian cottage family history today.

Happy National cream tea day. Our traditions are to be celebrated. #nationalcreamteaday2023.

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